Creating photo with story of subject, location and action are the kind of photography I have been horning through years to accomplish, making the photo itself tell story is my goal. Nevertheless, this kind goal is not something I achieved everyday or time I went out for shooting, instead it’s takes certain number of factor to lead myself to be able to create the path toward my goal.


" Flautists "


Here are some factors I consider to be very important:

  • Be at the shooting site one hour early, so you could scout around the area and making relations with people who will be working at the site in order for efficiency during the shoot.
  • Use your brain, especially the creativity side of it, imagine what you could possibly achieves and how to achieved it. Basically making yourself the procedure.
  • Use your eyes, know your focal length of lens which you will be using and tell your body to passively adapt to the lens’ focal length so you know where to stand. KNOW your own equipments!
  • Create the work-flow around yourself, know where you put your gears, make sure that it’s within your grasp and you could access it efficient and effectively. This is a huge time saving!
  • On work, do work and spare some portion of your time for your artistic side.

I was not much of a storyteller at first but I am a kind of man who like to express his though in story format, whether in verbal or word.

Time passes...


" Grasping on the dream! " Vocalist - Musketeers


Photographing the unpredictable do push yourself to the limits, it’s force the eyes to see more, more, and more which when you know you do, the creativity would just zap in, following up with the juicy creativity that your brain just leak out and your gut say you gotta grab it. “ shutter pressed ” done... The funny thing about all of these was that it’s just happens in a very few second! Later on I was like “ WOW ”, thank to myself that I have been through the basic so many uncountable time that it has turn into the kind of passive thing to me.


Performance by Dance Club


Don’t just dream, Don’t just say “I can it too”, Do it


Stage play by Arts Performance and Personality Club



Aunnop Suthumno

Photographer: Aunnop Suthumno [ZeraroiD]
Sponsor: CanonLiFE
Event: AU Celebration 2016 : Skypiea
Organizer: Assumption University Student Organization
Location: Assumption University of Thailand

Equipment lists: